Sneak Peek #5: The NOT street art STREET ART special

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Oh That Place has invited four Artists active in the field of Urban Art (Graphic, Illustration, Canvas and Walls) to present at our next event on Saturday, the 28th of May at the Angewandte Innovation Lab.

This time we present four Artists active in the Viennese community, in the spirit of exchanging and sharing their experiences and processes.

This one-off special event aims to address the topic of defining Street Art. Or better put, the style of creative practice associated with outdoor work and the relationship these artists have with galleries and more commercial aspects of their field, the fluidity and blurring of the lines between. From graffiti to commissioned work, each artist resonates a particular graphic style which corresponds with the street art movement.

Following the Artist talks, experts in the field have been invited to address aspects of representation of young urban artists and issues associated with this topic. Guests and audience alike are encouraged to participate in the discussion.

Katrin-Sophie Dworczak ( Director Gallery Hilger NEXT/ brainchild: Cash, Cans & Candy – Street Art Project) and
Vera Steinkellner (Manager, NYCHOS) have been invited to join us for the discussion.

The event is supported by the Angewandte Innovation Lab and urban monkey juice.

MUSIC provided by the notorious DJs Kaktus and Peter T.

Image copyright: Idon Mine

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Free Entrty!