Elaine (Creative Director) was born in China, grew up in Northern California and after working in architecture in both San Francisco and Shanghai, moved to Vienna in 2012.
She is currently pursuing a PHD in design theory at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Interested in: interactive design, urban contrasts and fat dogs.

Elaine is responsible for the visual elements of otp and the creative direction of all otp events, including onsite activities like hanging works, liasing with creatives, organising photographers… along with a lot of other stuff,  she is a super multi-talented lady.

Nadia (Project Manager) grew up on the sunny shores of Sydney and relocated to Vienna in 2008. She recently completed studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She specialises in communications and project management, has worked in a number of fields and even as a music & lifestyle journalist and is generally an all-round city nerd with built-in navigation.
Interested in: creative urban strategies, drinking damn good third wave coffee.

Nadia is responsible for project organisation – the crap nobody else likes doing – like finding locations, making schedules, getting funds, doing PR and paying bills. She gets to do some fun stuff like interview  guests, come up with  ideas and connect with awsome people around her.

Together they brainstorm, pick their noses, strategise, organise, get money (try to), find awesome people and connect them in amazing locations.

Founding Member


Kasia is in Vienna since 2012, researching collaborative and sharing behavior at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. She enjoys catching up
with the local designer scene in her free time. Polish by birth, she lived in Denmark and the UK before finding a nice warm spot in the Austrian capital.
Interested in: transformation and change, zines, biking all day long.

Kasia has moved on to greener pastures, becoming a full-time all out Academic nerd and the first official member of Oh THAT Place in 2016.

Photo (c)  Max Kropitz 2016