Event Details

Bring your bikes! Do you have an old bike or something that needs fixing?
Drop by and let the team from IntegRADsion and Flickerei show you how it’s done!

Two mechanic experts will provide you with guidaince, explain the technical aspects of your bike and help in the process of repairs.

Repairing something broken can be a healing process. This workshop focuses on working together and learning technical aspects of repairing bicycles. IntegRADsion, with a team of volunteers from Haus Erdberg, meet every Tuesday at Flickerei, a self-­repair garage run by professional mechanics who also volunteer their support and expertise repairing bikes. Now IntegRADsion and Flickerei bring their workshop to Transmigration, to share their afternoon and skills with you!

Participants: Max 10 people
Registration at: Eventbrite Link